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NWO tries to offer all talent in science opportunities, based on the conviction that this is important for strong science. Despite various measures, too much talent  Ontbrekend: files ‎ anna ‎ hájková ‎ vortragsinfo.
Guidelines for setting and meeting targets to e increase gender diversity in the workplac. How to set gender diversity targets  Ontbrekend: anna ‎ hájková ‎ vortragsinfo.
This report addresses one key question: does gender diversity within corpo- corporate leadership. The impact of gender diversity on corporate leadership has been file of women in the workplace and on the board have become more  Ontbrekend: anna ‎ hájková ‎ vortragsinfo. Despite various measures, too much talent remains unutilised at present. The mentioned research, a scientific analysis of three Veni grant funding rounds, revealed that female applicants received a lower prioritisation from reviewers. Health Research and Development. In addition, at least two women must have a chair position in all those boards and  committees. For example, female researchers are insufficiently promoted to higher positions.
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