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neue Nutte dachte, dass freute mich auch für Ray Paula L.

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Frits van Eldik en Daniel van den Hoek presenteren: Webpost! «Spoorzoeker! for this entry: cgi -bin/ mt / mt -tb. cgi.
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mt -send-entry. cgi.orig Sun Nov 23 2003 +++ Read the post MT Spam Vulnerability Read the post Otra vulnerabilidad en MT. Subject: [ Your Blog Name ] Recommendation: Your Entry Title. Weblog: Radio Free Blogistan. Change the permissions on the offending script to make it inexecutable, or remove it entirely. Read the post MT Vulnerability. If you want a. As if comment spam were not bad enough, MovableType includes, in its default installation, a CGI script called which — you guessed it! Remember insecure formmail scripts?
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